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Cheese Toasties all round!

This Sunday members from the Community gathered at our Suburban Farm to hear all about SHEDx as the project starts to really step up a gear. Members of the community joined allotment holders, local Councillors and SHEDx volunteers to hear all about the project and have a look round the progress being made at the farm.

Visitors had a look round our allotment plot 2B (or Hamlet as it's affectionately known - Geddit?), our aquaponics system inside the big shed, the newly built raised beds and the two beehives that have recently been installed making a home for up to 60,000 honey bees.

Visitors got to look at some recent mapping work we have done to identify other green organisations working in the borough and to hear more about the green shed currently being designed and built which will include shingles dyed and painted in pigment from clay found in the local area. Workshops are currently being planned to allow schools, and community groups to take part in the dying of the shingles.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent discussing ideas and listening to the voices of those that live locally helping us move the project forward and finding lots of new people wanting to share their skills to ensure the Tolworth community is at the heart of understanding and protecting its green and urban spaces.

The afternoon was made complete by our very own Robin Hutchinson cooking an insane amount of Cheese Toasties and not allowing anyone to leave until they were all eaten up! A good job we had plenty of hungry mouths to feed. Many thanks to everyone that came along and we look foward to welcoming many more of you to events, workshops and discussions as the programme of activity starts to flourish over the next few months.

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