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The Community Brain has a number of spaces and facilities within the borough of Kingston for communities to realise their dreams and ideas.

117 Brighton Road, Surbiton, KT6 5NJ
The Museum of Futures

'Something wonderful is about to happen.'

The Museum of Futures is a space at the heart of Surbiton, helping people realise their dreams.

The Museum of Futures harnesses the energy of everyone in the community to help realise a future we have worked together to imagine. We want to encourage involvement with community activity, and help develop a vision for the kind of town that everyone will celebrate with pride.

It's a space to play in and a platform to create, share and celebrate. It has hosted business, creative and wellbeing workshops, visual and performance art installations, music recordings, robot workshops pop-up restaurants, exhibitions. 

We want everyone to help imagine the exciting new futures that can be designed and delivered through collaborating creatively with others.


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The Community Kitchen

A key feature of the Museum of Futures is The Community Kitchen, designed to enable local start-up or home-based food businesses with the opportunity many have been seeking to explore the potential for a sustainable business future in cooking and catering. 


The Kitchen provides such independent businesses and the wider community with new opportunities to learn and develop through workshops, skills exchanges, demonstrations, research and food industry advisory surgeries.


It has encouraged new business to start and businesses to grow, and introduced people to new experiences, skills, networks and friends.


Baking Ideas


A frequent complaint we hear is a lack of community meeting places in Tolworth. Thanks to SW Railways we have taken a lease on the shop unit at Tolworth station.


Newly refurbished, Baking Ideas includes a community kitchen and meeting space and will be open to anyone who wants to use it. Perhaps someone with a business idea operating out of their home kitchen and wants to scale up, a local group teaching people how to cook healthily or a local school/community group needing cooking facilities.

There is also a meeting space for up to 20 people.


Kingston Road, KT5 9NX
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The Cutting

Following on from the launch of Baking Ideas, The Community Brain has recently leased a piece of overgrown land to the rear of the unit from South Western Railways and Network Rail.


Starting in 2021, we will be turning this disused space into a wildlife and herb garden for the benefit of local residents and would love to hear from anyone who might like to be involved and can help shape ideas for the space...

Get in touch at:

Crop Ups


In addition to the wildlife garden at the rear of Tolworth Station, The Community Brain also hopes to create a temporary food growing space or ‘Crop Up’ on land which forms part of the new Guinness Homes development.

Fruit and vegetables grown on the crop up can be easily transformed into healthy and delicious food at the new community kitchen in Baking Ideas. We are keen to hear from anyone with an interest in growing, baking, preserving and are also looking for your ideas on how these spaces might be used.

Station Greening_Birds Eye View_A3_Both.
King Charles Road, next to Alexandra Park, Surbiton

The Farm of Futures

Tolworth Main Allotments, King Charles Road, next to Alexandra Recreation Ground, Surbiton


Located on the entrance of the Tolworth Allotments, this project involves the conversation of the abandonded Tolworth District Society Allotments building into community hub which promotes sustainable growth and food production, and offers workshop space. The Farm of Futures is a collaboration with 121 Collective, a local Design & Build collective.


The space currently includes an aquaponics system, bee hives, and raised planters, with aims to create green communal space into something that can be sustainable for the community and ambitions to transform what is now a large storage shed into a creative and educational facility.

There is a regular volunteer session which currently takes place from 10am - 12pm every Thursday. 


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