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Tolworth Garden Festival

Let's celebrate the joys of gardening this June with a virtual garden festival showcasing the best (and oddest) of growing, with a chance to win £300 worth of prizes!

Over the last few months the importance and value of ‘growing’ and gardening has taken on extra significance for so many. People who have never had ‘green fingers’ have suddenly found the urge to plant and tend. From a single pot to ambitious plans for gardens people have found comfort and joy in green activities during lockdown. But it hasn’t just brought joy to them it has also brought beauty to many on their daily exercise.

Well, The Community Brain wants to celebrate all things green and beautiful in Kingston with the Tolworth Garden Festival 2020. It’s so simple to take part. There are eight categories and you can find out how to take part at

If you enter via Facebook please make sure you state the category number and use the hashtag #TGF2020


1. Best container or pot planting

2. Best outdoor planting

3. Best up-cycled garden DIY

4. Best lockdown improvements (before & after)

5. Young gardeners category (10 & under)

6. Young gardeners category (11-16 years old)

7. Oddest homegrown fruit and vegetables (Photos from last year will also be accepted for this category)

8. Best greenery seen whilst on daily exercise

Good Luck!

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