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Many hands make light work!

SHEDx's task of transforming our overgrown and slightly dilapidated community allotment was made all the easier when the team from GoodGym Kingston descended to help us turn over the soil and prepare the land for the next stage of our Suburban Farming project. Goodgym is a running group with a difference - they run to projects in the local area to help community groups or charities do good.

32 Runners met at Kingston, Guildhall and were given some words of encouragement by Mayor Cllr Julie Pickering.

After a good pep talk and some stretches to warm up the team set off on a 3k run to the Tolworth Main Allotment site, where they proceeded to work their magic and show that many hands do indeed make light work as they transformed weeds, shrub and overgrowth into beautifully turned over ground ready to be planted by the community.

After all that hard toil we had one last task left for our incredible Goodgym team! Move a shed! There is a large shed outside our aquaponics shed, on a site where we want to build lots of raised beds but unfortunately the shed was in totally the wrong place. We had originally planned to flat pack it down and move it... but with this incredible team and coach Mark teaching how to deadlift - the shed was moved in minutes!

After that the team headed off for another 3k jog back to the Guildhall. What an incredible feat! Thanks so much Goodgym Kingston!

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