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Welcoming Rockey Street to the Museum of Futures

As part of our work to support and encourage small businesses and social enterprises, we're delighted to welcome Rockey Street to the Museum of Futures.

With their fantastic ranges including Afternoon Tea, Ploughman's, Grazing Boards, Speciality Boxes, the Museum of Futures will provide a new base for Rockey Street to develop their business ideas further.

They will be delivering a full range of goodies as well as a whole lot more, and you’ll be able to collect your treats if you prefer, or perhaps book a small table where you can sit and enjoy them – more on that at a later date.

They will also be operating a small shop, filled with lovely hand-crafted items from Surbiton to South Africa. Are you a local maker or creator? They’d love to hear from you if you are, and you can get in touch at

Most importantly, this is a community space. That doesn’t change. So whilst they’ll be there daily, filling it with colour and laughter and warmth, the space is still available for everything it’s been used for in the past and all the beautiful ideas that are coming in the future. We're all stronger when we work together and we're looking forward to the collaborations that will develop from this.


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