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New prehistoric aquatic dinosaur mural added to Tolworth Island A3 pedestrian underpass

Walkers using the Tolworth Island pedestrian underpass can now immerse themselves in a vibrant and dramatic prehistoric underwater scene, following the unveiling of a new mural in the subway connecting Tolworth Broadway to Barnsbury Lane.

The ‘Triassic Tolworth Aquarium’ was commissioned by The Community Brain, a Tolworth-based not-for-profit organisation, as part of its celebrations for April’s International Dinosaur Month - a global event celebrating the popularity of the prehistoric beasts and how they continue to excite, fascinate and inspire long after their extinction.

During the Easter school break, the organisation teamed up with Kingston Borough Council to hold a range of dinosaur-themed activities across Tolworth, Hook and Chessington, including a special music gig and open-air screening of Jurassic Park at Tolworth Station.

The Community Brain used International Dinosaur Month to raise awareness of the many significant dinosaur fossil finds in Surrey and to inspire people to think about the amazing creatures that might have lived in the local area during prehistoric times.

As well as brightening up the underpass, the organisation hopes the mural will keep the theme of dinosaurs alive beyond International Dinosaur Month.

The mural was designed and painted by artists We Are Sky High. It depicts a range of different prehistoric underwater creatures, including Ichthyosaurs, Basilosaurus, Plesiosaur and Ammonite. The design covers both walls as well as the ceiling of the underpass, giving the feeling of being in a tunnel at an aquarium or sea life centre.

Robin Hutchinson, The Community Brain’s founder said: “We want to make the Tolworth Island pedestrian crossing a place that feels welcoming and exciting to visit and the murals are a great way to do this. “With our Triassic Tolworth Aquarium, we want to encourage people to think about prehistoric Tolworth. So often we hear about the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth, but not much about the ones that swam, which is surprising given how much of the planet was under water in prehistoric times.”

The aquatic dinosaur mural is the fourth mural to be commissioned by The Community Brain and painted by We Are Sky High at Tolworth Island. In February, the organisation unveiled a mural inspired by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona and the musical legacy of the Toby Jug pub, which once stood at the A3 junction. The other two murals each feature creatures and insects that can be found at the Tolworth Court Farm nature reserve.

What are the different aquatic creatures on the mural?

The fish with sharp teeth swimming as a pair are the ichthyosaur

The large reptile/ fish with its jaws open about to attack a shark is a basilosaurus

The long-necked creatures with flippers are Plesiosaur. These are also replicated as silhouettes on the ceiling and

There is also an ammonite floating above the seabed.


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