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Dinosaurs of Tolworth

Listen carefully next time you're in Tolworth and you might hear the sound of a distant roar or feel the earth tremble under the footsteps of some mysterious giant visitors...

Dinosaurs lived for 165 million years and now they have returned to Tolworth and are waiting to be spotted by local residents. Families have been out exploring the neighbourhood over half term to see how many dinosaurs they can spot. There are 12 dinosaurs that call Tolworth their home and they can be found between Tolworth Station and the Broadway, although 2 are now 'extinct' so anyone following the trail can look out for the remaining 10 as long as they last.

"What a lovely idea. Took my 5-year old this morning he spotted 6 dinosaurs and he was thrilled" - local parent

Let us know how many dinosaurs you can spot on the trail, and send us a drawing of your favourite one!

Share with us on social media by tagging @communitybrain, or email your drawings to so we can see your creations.

If you need some clues as to where to find them, take a look at the following images...

Some of the feedback so far:

"What a brilliant idea. I love it."
"Can we have them at Chessington North? I'm sure the children around here would just love this. Fantastic idea"
"What a great idea and such fun, well done. Good luck dinosaur hunters"

Other areas

We're really pleased by the number of people and organisations asking us about the Dinosaur Trail and asking whether they can do the same for their High Streets and parks - of course you can, have fun and raise a smile.

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