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Greening and Fun on the Broadway

The Community Brain would like to say a big thank you to all of the brilliant volunteers and local businesses who came out to plant three new beds on the Broadway in March.

With the kind help of Tolworth Community Library, and a spare books trolley, we transported plants over to the new beds on the morning of Saturday 16th March.

The beds, designed by Melanie at Moongate Plant Centre and supplied by Worfield Plants, were planned with individual business adopters in mind.

The first bed, adopted by Cut Masters Barbers, contains box ball varieties which are perfect for trimming.

The second bed, designed for Raj Cash and Carry, contains bay trees, lemon balms and other varieties which complement the fresh fruits and vegetables sold by Ahmed and the team.

The third bed, the official SHEDx planter, contains varieties which are perfect for bee pollination.

We would also like to say a big thank you to Jaz from the HPM Gift Shop, who kindly provided teas and coffees on the day.

Repaired gardening tools were supplied by the Tool Sheds project at Wandsworth Prison, and we are very greatful for their very generous contribution.

The planters feature new up-cycled seating which was installed by our SHEDx partners 121 Collective, with the help of a certain young trainee.

MArch students from Kingston University have recently been fire etching board games onto the benches and anyone on the Broadway will soon be able to pick up chess and draught pieces from local businesses for a game.

We hope to hold our next volunteering session in late April. This will include the planting of two benches, outside the Broadway Bar, and also new raised beds on the service slip road to the M&S car park.

For more information, please keep up to date with the latest events via our Facebook page.

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