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Greening the Greenway with GoodGym Kingston

The Community Brain would like to say a big thank you to all of the GoodGym Kingston runners who came down to Tolworth Broadway on the (surprisingly mild) evening of Tuesday 12th February.

As part of our ongoing greening works on Tolworth Broadway, the volunteers helped clear a patch of overgrown vegetation on the slip road to the Tolworth Towers car park in preparation of a series of new raised beds.

After a quick tour of the newly 'fragrant herb garden' planted beds, which GoodGym kindly helped prepare at their volunteering session last year, the real hard work began!

The determination of the team, who had already run half of their 8.7km journey, was outstanding!

Overgrown vegetation was cut back, tree stumps were dug out and the soil was overturned.

Love was in the air for the GoodGym runners in the build up to valentines day and The Community Brain would like to extend our love to the Goodgym Kingston team for all of their excellent work.

The next phase for this piece of land will be to construct raised beds from reclaimed wooden bench lids, removed as part of our new planters on the Broadway.

We are working will local businesses to adopt these planters and the owner of Code Hair Salon, Peter, has kindly agreed to take over maintenance of these raised beds.

To get involved with our Greening of the Greenway please look out for upcoming events on our Facebook page

(With thanks to Mark Barun for use of his photographs)

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