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The Heritage Shed starts its tour in style

Our Heritage Shed, a replica of our favourite shed on our allotment site, has started its tour of iconic London locations with a two week display at the courtyard of the V&A Museum sharing a little part of Tolworth's past and present with thousands of visitors.

The Shed threw open its doors and helped share the history of allotments and growing in the Tolworth area to V&A Visitors with an inviting exhibition and the voices of oral testimonies collected by volunteers as part of our HLF funded project "Grow for Good" documenting the humble allotment from war time era to the present.

Inside was also a display of work from the Kingston University Architecture students, who recreated and built this shed, based on their research on sheds and allotments and specific research of all the sheds on the allotment where the original shed was sited.

Visitors could also engage with our #HelloShed project which allowed them to text the Shed and have a conversation with it, where it would gather their experiences of the humble shed, gardens, growing and allotments whilst also sharing back stories it had gathered from previous respondents.

The Shed has delighted visitors at its time at the V&A but sadly the time has come for it to continue its wandering and help share Tolworth's stories with many more people! The Shed is currently preparing itself for its next next destination where it will be surrounded by traditional allotment planting at The Hampton Court Flower Show from the 3rd July.

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