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EVENT: Broadway Bar Bazaar Swap Shop: Swap clothes - Sat 15 Oct, 10am to 1pm

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Banner for the Broadway Bar Bazaar Swap Shop

Did you know that each year an estimated £140m worth of clothing is sent to UK landfill? We all need to take urgent action and here's how you can help! Join us for our Broadway Bar Bazaar Swap Shop on Sat 15 Oct at The Broadway Bar, Tolworth.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help avoid unnecessary waste and support the circular economy, while adding something new to your wardrobe.

How it will work:

Simply, donate your items (Maximum of 8 items per person) at the times stated below, pick up your swap booklet, which will contain your stamps – one for each item you want to swap.

Then come along to the main event on Saturday 15th Oct and exchange your stamps for something that’s new to you.

Just a few rules…

  • You can swap women’s, men’s and/or children’s items.

  • We will accept good quality, clean and re-usable clothing and accessories (including footwear).

  • If you’re in any doubt, please only bring items in a condition that you would want to wear/buy yourself or you would be happy for a friend to use.

  • We won’t accept underwear or swimwear (unless it's brand new with a tag).

  • Please don’t bring any more than 8 items.

  • All items will be assessed by volunteers and made ready to display (please make sure you definitely want to part with your items before bringing them in!).

  • We can refuse any items that do not meet our re-use criteria, please don’t be disappointed.

  • We will operate a system of honesty and trust.

  • Finally, please bring your own carrier bags for your swapped items.

When and where to drop off your items to swap

Please drop off your items to swap, and collect your swap stamps, via the front entrance of the Broadway Bar, Tolworth Broadway (see map below), during the following times:

  • Tuesday 11th Oct - 6pm - 8pm

  • Saturday 15th Oct - 9am - 12pm (before and during the swap shop)

PLEASE NOTE: Do not leave any items on the premises outside these hours as your donations will not be accepted and we do not have storage facilities for them. This initiative is run by a community group and we have limited resources.

For more information, please email:


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