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Over the past ten years we have collaborated with a number of partners in the publication of several books; with Kingston University Press and other local publishers.

speed and suburbia.png
Speed and Suburbia: Cooper, Brabham and Campbell in Kingston

We regard London’s suburbs as a quiet retreat from its bustling city centre where life is slower and relatively uninspired. Speed and Suburbia challenges this lazy stereotype by telling three heritage stories about motorsport and speed, originating straight out of the Royal Borough
of Kingston upon Thames.


It was Surbiton – sometimes dismissively nicknamed ‘Suburbiton’ – where the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally-winning Mini Cooper was designed. It was Chessington where Bernie Ecclestone chose to base the offices of his multiple World Championship-winning Brabham F1 team.
And it was at the Cox Lane industrial estate where Donald Campbell’s record-breaking Bluebird K7 hydroplane was tested in the deep water tanks of Siebe Gorman.

This local history includes a contribution from the British Motor Museum with its take on what modern-day revolutionary thinkers – akin to John Cooper, Jack Brabham and Donald Campbell – might gift humanity in the new era of the motor car.

Exploring Cox Lane.png
Exploring Cox Lane: The story of Chessington's Industrial Estate

Nestled in the south side of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is the 90-year-old Chessington Cox Lane industrial estate. With a rich history and plenty to offer, the book unfolds the past and present of the site. The Community Brain team has shown dedication in shedding light on all aspects of the history and heritage of the site. Tolworth, and neighbouring areas to the local community.

This book features a series of illustrations by the nine groups of Kingston University BA Illustration and Animation students. When given a brief by The Community Brain, their boundless imagination flourished and their creative interpretations from their visits to the Cox Lane site bring a whole new meaning to its surroundings. Their work complements a set of essays and photos that paint a picture of the past, present and future of the site.

From 'Diver to 'Quant Bomber', the students' creative interpretations from their visits to the Cox Lane site brings a whole new meaning to its surroundings.

Through encapsulating the past, present and future of the industrial estate, this book highlights the site's adaptability throughout many years of societal and economic change. The future of this, and many other industrial estates, have endless capabilities in supporting and strengthening their communities.

This book is the perfect read to shift deep-rooted misconceptions of industrial estates, whilst building a bridge of understanding.

12 days in tolworth.png
12 Days in Tolworth: Reappraising a London Suburb

12 Days in Tolworth: Reappraising a London Suburb aims to connect students and locals with a frequently overlooked neighbourhood, Tolworth. In collaboration with The Community Brain, seven groups of Kingston University BA Illustration students worked on 're-branding' Tolworth. Each project seeks to 'create a visual language for Tolworth', suggesting possibilities to change and improve the way people interact with the area.

Mseum of Today.png
The Museum of Today

The Community Brain proudly presents The Museum of Today: a timely collection of personal 'wonders' that helped the contributors to this catalogue get through a momentous time and offered us the valuable opportunity to pause and reflect. Whilst we were not be able to meet physically, this project allowed our community to come together and cherish all the moments, memories and mementos that inspired resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This catalogue is a reminder that even the smallest items can offer comfort, encourage strength and stimulate creativity and we hope that those reading this will also be reminded of the things, big or small, that took on a greater significance in challenging times.

The book includes images of all the 'wonders' accompanied by a short quote from the donor as to its significance, as well as a select few written pieces, plus responses by artists and student creative responses to the exhibition.

The catalogue was created as a collaboration between The Community Brain and academics and students at Kingston School of Art.

Broadway to Brazil.jpg
Broadway to Brazil

Hidden away in the suburbs of south-west London is King George’s Field, home to one of the most signifi cant clubs in the history of world football: the Corinthian-Casuals.
Today, the Corinthian-Casuals are the leading amateur club in England, plying their trade in the seventh tier of English football. Yet they can lay claim to a heritage as impressive as almost any team in the land.

But what does this club based in Tolworth have in common with the famous Corinthians of São Paulo, Brazil? The answer to that lies within the pages of this book.
The popular podcast Broadway to Brazil followed the Casuals during their dramatic 2017/18 season, revealing the club’s extraordinary back story along the way. This accompanying book relives that season, and much more, for their fans around the world.

speed and suburbia.png
Ripple 2020

Ripple 2020, a collection of short writing, with many examining the theme of 'changing rooms' inspired the King George's Playing Fields Pavilion.  

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