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The Museum of Today


Officially launching on Monday 15 June 2020, The Museum of Today gives people an opportunity to contribute their own exhibit and become part of a collective project during this time of extensive isolation. Items can comprise anything that has particular resonance for someone now.

Pick a single item in your home (or wherever you have found yourself in isolation) which means something to you. This item will be known as your ‘wonder’ in the exhibition. It can be something with historic resonance or something which has come to mean something to you during more recent times. There are no rules on what item you want to pick – it doesn’t even have to be a physical object, it might be a piece of music, a memory, a smell...

The Museum aims to become home to an unprecedented archive of items telling the story of a historic few months during which we have all be confined to our homes and our communities. 

Anyone keen to get involved is invited to submit their item in the form of a photograph and a minute-long video explaining the story behind it. Entries will be curated and displayed in a digital ‘Cabinet of Wonders’, designed by local artists.

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The Museum of Today is made possible by generous support from Arts Council England.

Robin Hutchinson, founder of The Community Brain, said:

"We are witnessing people reevaluating what is important to them. Things that had fallen out of focus have become sharply defined as holding emotional meaning and resonance. As people have responded to the value of local, of kindness, care and compassion so we want to record their feelings and stories in the Museum of Now. Perhaps it will be an object that acts as a reminder of those you are missing, or something that has become a vital part of life today. We want these important stories to last as a touchstone to a time and importantly to play a part in the new futures that are built.”

Once the Museum has been created The Community Brain will commission four local artists, from a variety of performing and visual arts backgrounds, to make new work responding to the collection. Their responses will be presented online and in a physical exhibition when restrictions on public gatherings have been lifted.

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