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A festive promenade performance that took place around Kingston, Surbiton and Tolworth in December 2020.
We wanted to put a little magic onto the streets in December 2020 so we created The Forgotten Village, a promenade performance around the local area. Our audience ‘bubbles’ met some famous characters from pantomime, folk stories and Christmas as they helped to bring a lost Traveller into the healing light of The Forgotten Village. The story celebrates kindness, warm heartedness and generosity at a time when those emotions and behaviours are most needed.

The Forgotten Village took groups on promenade routes allowing them to explore parts of their local area which they may not have visited before whilst creating new magical memories for them to carry. The routes in Kingston, Surbiton and Tolworth revealed a series of hidden locations where our audiences met The Traveller, The Fairy Godmother, The Ugly Sister, Rumpelstiltskin and the Wise Old Man who gave them a tale of  kindness and magic to pass on to others.

‘Thank you for this, it has been truly magical and one of the best Christmas experiences we have had as a family. It reminded us of what is really special and important.’

– audience member

the forgotten village_actors.jpg


Sarah Palette - The Traveller

Fionna Gough - The Fairy Godmother

Phoebe Hopwood - The Ugly Sister

Matt Colyer - Rumpelstiltskin

Tim Nixon - The Wise Old Man


Faye Morrison - Writer/ Director

Tina Dezart - Production/ Stage Manager

Robin Hutchinson - The Ideas Man

Elizabeth Wright - Designer

Lili Giacobino - Costume Designer

Daniella Morrison - Illustrator

Charlotte Trowse - Make Up Artist

Kay Galbraith - Contributor

Danielle O'Shaugnessy - Contributer

Kathy Boyer - Contributer

Charlotte Levy - Contributer & Photographer

Create 4 Mental Health - Videographer

The Incredible Seething Volunteers

In case you missed the show, you can watch a specially-recorded version filmed by Create 4 Mental Health below. If you enjoy the film, please consider making a donation towards The Community Brain & Create 4 Mental Health
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