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Surbiton Community Forge

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A friendly place to learn, share skills & knowledge

Step into a world where the ancient art of blacksmithing, connects with creativity and community vibes.

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Our team consists of artistic volunteers from the local area. We are a group of enthusiasts committed to bringing the experience of Blacksmithing back, while fostering a sense of community.

We’re keen to make connections within the local community, and we want to be identified as a foundation for craft in the area. Over time we would like Surbiton to become proud that there’s a blacksmith forge in the area.


Surbiton's story is woven with iron and steel. We are looking forward to growing strong from the ground  of a community that cherishes the ancient arts.

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Established in 2023, the Forge is a collaboration with The Community Brain which stimulates creativity in Kingston Upon Thames and the surrounding areas.

A haven from the daily toils of life, the Forge offers a place where people can experience and learn basic blacksmithing skills in a calm, all-be-it noisy, environment.


Join us for immersive workshops, enriching classes, and collaborative projects that go beyond metalwork, embracing mutual friendship.

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Get involved

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Experience Days - Coming soon!


Those that attend an Experience Day Level 1 will have the opportunity to handcraft a couple of useful items. Proudly taking home something being forged by yourself, such as a Bottle Opener, Key Ring, Coat Hook, Plant Support, or ornate Snails.


Experience Day Level 2 will involve something a little more advanced, like an ornate Rose, Lily, or a Dragon.

In a world dominated by mass production, we are working together and independently to make an array of creative bespoke items. The Surbiton Community Forge will also be attending various local markets and fairs where items will be on sale.

We hope to display our skills at local events where we will be able to demonstrate Blacksmithing Skills to the local community.

Our forge isn't just a workshop; it's a haven for damaged items. We have blacksmiths who can repair and restore your broken items to their working condition, reclaiming the role of the blacksmith as the heart of the community.

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