Tolworth Garden Festival Winners

July 6, 2020


The Community Brain would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in this years Tolworth Garden Festival 2020. 


We know that growing and gardening have taken on a renewed sense of importance for people during lock down, with many finding their green fingers for the first time!


The Competition received a variety of brilliant entries from across the 8 categories and we were particularly happy to see lots of keen younger gardeners.


The Community Brain would also like to take a moment to thank the judges and sponsors for their support.


With that said - The winners of the Tolworth Garden Festival 2020 are:



Category 1 - Best container or pot planting - Tim Harrison


Category 2 - Best outdoor planting - Amelia Windsor (Still taken from video submission)


Category 3 - Best Up-cycled garden DIY - Andy Lazell


Category 4 - Best lockdown improvements (before and after) - Kate Andrews


Category 5 - Young gardeners category (under 10)


- Iommi Alexander (Age 7)

- Indi Alexander (Age 8)

- Nikol Pantaleeva (Age 6)

- The Children of The OWL project, St John's School (led by Stephen Simpson)

- Willow Houghton (Age 2)

- Poppy Pritchard (Age 1.5)

- Dyllon Mcrae (Age 10)

- Erin Mcrae (Age 8)

- Mollie MacMillan (Age 6)



Category 6 - Young gardeners category (under 11-16) - Harrison Weeden (Age 12)


Category 7 - Oddest homegrown fruit and vegetables - Emma Lloyd-Williams


Category 8 - Best greenery seen whilst on daily exercise - Marian Bore


 Thank you again for everyone who participated!!!









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