Students of all ages get stuck in with SHEDx

October 18, 2018

Students from around the borough from Primary Schools to Kingston University have been making their first waves as part of SHEDx.  The inspiring, creative ideas that young people bring to the project are key to our success and we are delighted by this huge, first bustle of activity and the enormous promise of what is yet to come.


Hayatsu Architects have worked alongside Kingston University Architecture students to design, prototype and begin to build our Green Shed which through their research and development process has become four 'Green Pods' on bicycles which can come together to form the Green Shed.  Feedback was taken from the Tolworth Community during an engagement event at the top of Tolworth Tower and the mobile pods ended up taking inspiration from bikes around the world photographed carrying large loads!


They have been busy sketching, creating 3d models, unearthing clay from the local area to create pigments, creating natural paints and testing all sorts of elements to the build including the first road tests.



With the prototypes created and tested they are now moving on to building the four final pods with help and contributions from local primary schools.  Knollmead Primary School have already been busy during two shingle decorating workshops and have created over 550 of the shingles which will adorn the surfaces of the pods.