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We believe in giving people ‘permission’ to be brilliant, everyone can be brilliant if they are given the support and encouragement. It enables them to create the futures they want to see for themselves and that of their communities on their own terms.
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Photo: Stuart Tree

We do this by putting stories, creativity and a never-ending passion for laughter, fun and play at the heart of all of our work. By liberating people through participation we hope to build a future for communities which is more mutual, more local, more equitable and more sustainable.


The Community Brain uses the widest range of the arts, local history, social enterprise and community-led regeneration in order to give places renewed importance and pride. We help people to imagine and command their own story – instead of following those written for them by others.


With nearly fifteen years of experience, The Community Brain is still developing fresh approaches to engagement that reflect the challenges presented by our fractional lives.

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