Our vision

‘Allowing people to participate on their own terms’


To provide greater opportunities and support for people to realise their potential and the positive impact they can have on themselves, on those around them and on where they live in a sustainable way.

The Community Brain exists to develop community cohesion using the widest range of the arts, education and local history in order to give people and place renewed importance and pride.


The Community Brain is about utilising people’s natural talents and energies to develop stronger communities and relationships. It is about strengthening the natural networking and support that can happen in healthy societies creating more resilient communities. It is about believing everyone is brilliant.


At the heart of all of our work are stories. Who tells the story of your life? How can we create the stories that celebrate our communities? How do you re-imagine and curate your own future story?  


We also have a never-ending passion for laughter and play.  Many of our community projects start in a place of discovery through smiling, feeling like you are back in the playground, learning about ourselves and others through enjoying our lives and the time and space we share.


We believe in Generosity. We believe in Creativity. We believe in Curiosity.

We believe in Adventure. 


We believe that the attitude with which we approach our projects will be reflected in the communities in which we work and the future we hope to help them create. 


We work anywhere that is looking to build an active community with a strong sense of belonging and participation. But it's not all about us, and we we aren't here to tell you what to do or how to do it. We are here only to guide you, to help your own ideas thrive and to help your community be everything it wants to be and can be.


The work we do in communities involves no formal joining or membership. This is not about clubs or cliques. All we strive for is giving people the permission they don't really need to be as brilliant as they already can be. In this way we're told we have helped change the lives of people who may not have found the usual and 'ordinary' routes to engaging in their community suitable for them. They have begun to command their own story instead of following the one written for them by others.


With many years of experience, The Community Brain is still developing fresh approaches to engagement that reflect the challenge presented by our fractional lives.


Our philosophy is supported by the considerable experience within our team – from strategic visioning through budgeting, project and event management to marketing, design and evaluation – allowing us to work with you to deliver your project from conception through delivery to evaluation safely, on time and on budget, every time. 


Meet the brains behind our work 

Photo: Stuart Tree

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